If you’re living with oily skin, and hyper-pigmentation like I do then this post is for you!

Since I can remember I struggled with acne and oily skin. I hit puberty and my hormones began to rage. I spent years walking around with clusters of small bumps around my chin, on my cheeks, a super shiny forehead and nose (lol). This was one of my biggest insecurities,I felt really ugly because of it and I tried everything imaginable to get rid of it.  Dermatologists, Neutrogena, ProActiv was becoming popular around this time I even tried that. All to no avail, every time I passed a mirror I was constantly reminded how much puberty sucked. My mom assured me that once I had children my hormones would adjust and my acne would go away.

Here I am 27 years old… 2 kids later still with a shiny forehead. My acne is hormonal and still comes and goes but my biggest issue now is the hyper-pigmentation from picking/popping bumps, pregnancy, and lack of proper skin care. How can my makeup be on fleek if my skin underneath isn’t?

Skincare isn’t just about the outside it’s also about what you put into your body. I began making small changes to my diet like adding more green foods in my meals, incorporating more water (like a liter a day) and finding a skincare routine that works the best for me. Now I don’t mean try every skin care product, or routine you see your favorite beauty blogger do. Learn your skin type, try out a product 6-8 weeks to see if it works well for you and most importantly drink water to keep that skin hydrated. If your unsure of where to start begin with these 5 things:

Everyday Cleanser






You need a everyday cleanser to help remove the excess dirt, and surface oils from your skin. For skin like mine where you still suffer from breakouts, choosing a gentle everyday cleaner that contains salicylic acid is also very helpful because it cleans your skin and applies acne medication at the same time;  a win -win situation.

Exfoliating Scrub





Exfoliating helps remove the dead skin cells from your skin. Dead skin cells can have your skin looking dull and dry.. not glowing like the melanin goddess you are AND mixed with dirt and oil dead skin cells can clog pores leading to pimples. Look for an exfoliator that contains oil blocking ingredients like charcoal

Face Mask






Probably one of my favorite parts of the entire routine, there’s a myriad of face masks to choose from and they’re specific to your skin’s needs. I like face masks that helps reduce the appearance of pores and that helps even and brighten my skin because of the hyper-pigmentation. One of my favorite brands is Freeman’s! I love their charcoal scrub.

CVS drugstore, Boston, MA(Google Images)





After applying your daily cleaner apply a toner. Toners help rid the skin of excess oils, and most importantly it assists in repairing the skin, getting rid of blemishes and helping to diminish hyper-pigmentation.







The common misconception about oily skin is that you have to keep it dry and moisture free. This isn’t true and it was something I used to do all the time. If  you’re over drying your skin your skin’s response is going to be..produce more oil, which will lead to… you guessed it more acne.


My current skincare routine products!! 

(See anything you use?)


You have to treat your skin the way you want it to feel, and most importantly look. I’ve shown you guys my skin care routine, now show me yours! Leave them skincare routines below!!!

Till next time




5 thoughts on “5 Must Have Skin Products for Oily Skin!”

  1. This is great; I have the dry skin….it’s a blessing at times because I don’t have to worry about pimples and other facial problems, right?…..but sometimes I just wish I had the oily skin; because your skin never gets dry. So I feel the dry skin needs most of these products to stay oily all day…..it’s not nice having the dry skin during the dry (cold) season…skin turns white 🙁

  2. Yea but oily skin sucks sometimes because we always have to fight with the oils lol so we’re always looking oily/slick I think it’s difficult either way you just have to find what works best and stick to it

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