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When I first started wearing makeup I used to shy away from using liquid foundations. I was afraid it’d make me look fake, powdery, cakey like I was wearing too much makeup. I wasn’t fully confident yet in wearing makeup, or letting others know I was wearing it. Looking back at it now I laugh at all the stupid misconceptions I had about makeup. It wasn’t until I began working as a freelance makeup artist at MAC that I learned that foundations not only came in a variety of shades. But they also come in a variety of finishes too.




Some of my favorite foundations





 Foundation ranges from sheer to full coverage.Coverage just means how much the foundation will conceal the skin. Of course you’re going to have a few favorite foundations for different occasions like a BB cream for everyday wear. A medium and/or full coverage foundation for a night out with bae.

Let’s talk about the differences in foundation coverage:

Blemish Beauty Cream A.K.A. BB Cream

BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer (think lotion with color) that is used to even out, hydrate and protect the skin from the sun. Most BB creams contains SPF, and BB Creams are a great option for those who want to achieve “the no makeup” makeup look effortlessly.  It can be applied with your fingertips, brush or a beauty blender and usually ranges in shades from “Fair to Deep Dark”.

Sheer Coverage Foundation

Sheer coverage foundation provides minimal coverage but more coverage than both BB/CC cream. It helps provide the skin with a more even looking complexion but may not fully conceal dark spots or other skin imperfections. You can pair it with a color corrector to help address those unwanted imperfections. Great for those who want to wear makeup, but don’t like to look like it. Usually available in a dewy finish.

Medium Coverage Foundation

Medium coverage foundation provides you with enough coverage to hide all those pesky skin imperfections without giving you the “cakey look”. You can purchase it in a matte/velvet finish (great for oily skin) or dewy/glowy finish(great for dry skin). It provides the perfect amount of coverage to be used as a everyday foundation.

 Full Coverage Foundation

Full coverage foundation covers all skins imperfections leaving your skin looking like a dream, even without the use of a concealer.  It’s great for special occasions and like medium coverage foundation is available in a dewy or matte finish. The only downside to full coverage foundation is that it may feel heavy on the skin compared to the other foundation types and may lead to clog pores and breakouts if the skin isn’t cared for properly. 


Which foundation types are your favorites?  Which types of foundations do you currently own? 

 I want to know!

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