Happy September loves!!

It’s officially PUMPKIN SPICE season who else loves a grande skim pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks? I mean I wait all year for this very time so I can order me my favorite fall drink. I love fall, from fall fashions like sweaters, printed scarves, and booties. To fall makeup trends like dark eyeliner, burgundy eyeshadows, and vampy purple lips. September also marks the end to summer vacation and my return to the classroom for a new school year.

While preparing my upcoming history curriculum with my co-teacher, and back to school shopping for the boys I’m also ensuring that I establish “my bag”. My makeup bag that is! Being that majority of my day is spent teaching history to our future leaders and ensuring I provide the proper accommodations for my special education students. I not only want to put my best efforts forward, I want to put my best face forward too. Hello!

So how do I put my best face forward everyday?

..check out my everyday makeup essentials!

Everyday Makeup Essentials

 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer


Great makeup starts with great skincare, it’s essential when wearing makeup we first apply a primer. It doesn’t matter if it’s foundation application or eyeshadow a primer is key. Primer acts as a base for the makeup product, allowing for seamless makeup application.This primer however is gold because not only does it keep my makeup on point. It also has skincare elements built into the primer like salicylic acid(which is great for acne prone skin) and also sunscreen because black people need to wear   sunscreen too (lol)

I’ve been using this primer for 3+ months now and I definitely notice a change in my skin using this combined with my current skincare regimen

BlackRadiance Eyeliner 

Retail: $2.49

First part of my daily makeup routine is my eyebrows, brows help shape the face and sets the tone for makeup application. A brow pencil is my product of choice when it comes to filling in my brows. I’ve used gel liner, and brow powders before but they just don’t satisfy me as much as using a brow pencil to fill in my brows. I’ve used a ton of brow pencils from myriads of brands but still keep coming back to this lip pencil. For one it’s only$2.50 the brown is dark enough to show up on my skin and it matches my natural brow hairs perfectly. It also lasts, throughout the entire day despite my skin that tends to get super oily as the day progresses.

LA Girl Pro Concealer “Toast”


This is hands down my favorite concealer ever!!. Since I first purchased it 4 years ago I haven’t used any other concealer more. It comes in a variety of shades even color correcting shades. I love the consistency of it it’s creamy perfect for sculpting brows  and the applicator is perfect for days when your forget your concealer brush at home

Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless Foundation “Mocha 360” 


This medium coverage foundation provides just the right amount of coverage without looking caked up. Maybelline even extended the foundation range making it possible for more melanin beauties to find their perfect match. Which is another thing I love about this foundation it matches me almost perfectly, it’s also has a matte finish which helps control my oily skin. I apply it with a stippling brush and it blends to a beautiful airbrushed finish.

Black Opal Ultra Matte Foundation Powder Deep


Black Opal is probably one of my favorite brands for foundation and powders because they cater specifically towards darker skin tones. Their products also work like a dream for oily skin. This powder is exactly what I expect from a brand like Black Opal. In my summer foundation routine I raved about this powder for it’s natural with a hint of shimmer finish. So when I saw they came out with the compact version I knew I had to get my hands on it, it’s wayyy more convenient in compact form.

Black Radiance Artisan Colored Baked Blush Toasted Almond


One of my favorite makeup products are definitely blushes. I love adding little pops of color to my cheeks. My favorites are orange or plum toned blushes. Toasted almond is a terracotta earthy brown shade, perfect for adding a subtle yet pretty natural color to cheeks. The blush goes on easily and is super pigmented allowing this blush to be used for day and evening looks.

Wet nWild Mega-Glo Highlighting Powder Crown of my Canopy

Retail: $4.99

Crown of Canopy is a pretty champagne and gold reflects highlighting powder. Well suited for melanin beauties. This highlighter is perfect for everyday wear. It applies easily with a fan/blush brush and its ultra pigmented. A little definitely goes a long way. It gives just the right amount of shimmer to accentuate features without looking like a disco ball(but if you want to it does the job as well).

Cover Girl Tru Naked palette Goldens


A every day eyeshadow palette is a must to put that best face forward. It’s nice to switch up your everyday makeup look with a swipe of a shimmer or matte eyeshadow. This palette comes complete with 8 eyeshadows in 4 different finishes shimmer, matte, metallic, and pearl. Making the eyeshadow looks limitless. The palette even comes with a guide on the shadows themselves to show where each shadow should be placed and a picture guide on the back with looks. So even if you’re not skilled with eyeshadow this palette makes it super easy it’s brown girl friendly, pigmented, and costs less than $10.

 NYX LipLiner Vanilla Sky

Retail: $5.00

Lipliner used as a eyeliner?


Why not? This is what makes makeup so fun, there are basically no rules. Guidelines yes, but rules need not apply. I use this as a eyeliner to line my waterline to give my eyes a more open and awake look. This is especially helpful for small eyes which I have, with this eyeliner or a nude eyeliner they appear bigger. This pencil is also waterproof which means I don’t have to be bothered with smudging or running.

Soap and Glory Pillow Plump XXL “Nude in Town”



Wandering round in Target I found this beauty and I wasn’t impressed at first. I’ve tried several lip plumping products in the past and all I’ve been left with is tingling feeling in my lips. But it was on sale and I loved this shade. First impressions I loved the packaging, color, and smell of product. When I applied it to my lips and waited for the lip plumper to kick in I was pleasantly surprised. My lips did appear bigger (not that much honestly), but I loved the moisturizing feeling my lips had and the color was absolutely perfect for everyday wear. I loved it so much I went back and picked it up in “PinkWell”

Maybelline “Great Lash” Mascara


Yes Maybelline for the win again! I absolutely love this mascara.The formula is allows you to apply multiple coats without your lashes becoming clumpy and the mascara wand  is perfect for my short curly lashes. I hate formulas that clump up after 2 or 3 coats because I need to apply 4-5 coats because my lashes are basically non-existent.

These are my go-to’s everyday to put my best face forward. I wanna see what you use for your everyday beauty routine. Let me know in the comments below!!!!




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  1. Thanks for sharing your go-to makeup products. I love that they are all colors that would look great on my skin-tone, and are all affordable. I also have a great love for moms with boys & Sped teachers. I am a mom of boys as well, and one of my boys has special needs. Much love and respect to you Queen!

  2. Awwww love thanks so much for checking out my posts. Your comment was soooo sweet. I want you to share your go-to makeup products with me too!! xoxox

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