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When I first began my makeup journey 5 years ago, my eyebrows was the first thing I learned how to do. My eyebrows were a mess from over waxing, arching, and trying to have those 90 brows.

The 90’s was almost 20 years ago and the new brow trend is defined, full eyebrows. I used to spend countless hours watching my favorite you-tubers do their eyebrows. I would run to the local beauty supply store buy everything they used and practice. It was a struggle in the beginning. I had boxed brows, sharpie brows and I even did them with a black pencil once (big no-no).

I’m sharing my simple brow routine to help you in your current brow journey. The best thing about my brow routine is it’s a quick, simple, and natural. It will have your eyebrows filled in and on fleek in less than 10 minutes!  because busy mamas like us need to keep beauty simple.


Brow Routine

The key to a good brow like with anything else is practice. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect on the first try. It’s a skill that will be mastered with time and patience. Once it’s mastered you’re brows and life will never be the same again

There’s several ways and a multitude of products to use to fill in brows.

*gel liner*

*brow powder*

*eyebrow pencil*

All of these brow products are offered by most makeup brands and come in a variety of colors to suit all eyebrow colors. My favorite way is using a brow pencil, I feel more in control and do my brows the fastest when I use a pencil.

 Brow Products

*Spoolie: Makeup brush to brush brow hairs into place

*Brow Pencil: What you use to fill in brows

*Concealer: To carve and clean up bottom of brows

*Foundation of the day: To shape top of brows for seamless finish

*Brow gel: optional but it helps with keeping brow hairs in place


Use your face as a guide to know where to begin your brows!

Step 1: Brush eyebrow hairs following natural brow pattern. Take the spoolie or brow pencil place it next to the bridge of your nose. This is where brows should begin.



Step 2: Take your brow pencil and follow the natural shape of your brow, lightly sketch out a line underneath your brow




If your eyebrows are short like mine, just extend the line to above your outer eye area


Step 3: Repeat step 2 for top of brows now you have your basic brow outline. Take your brow pencil and lightly fill in your brow to your liking


**Remember never use a black pencil to fill in brows and don’t worry about mistakes you can fix that with concealer!

Step 4:Using concealer carefully carve and clean underneath brows

**Here you can fix any mistakes you’ve made while you were filling in and defining your brows**


Step6:Using your foundation of the day clean the top of your brows

**Use foundation that matches your skin tone it provides a more natural finish**


Step 7: Apply a eyebrow gel on eyebrows to keep hairs in place(optional)


How easy was that?

I want to know some of your favorite brow products leave them for me in the comments. I would love if you could fill out this brief beauty survey so i can learn more about you!

See ya in my next post



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