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Often times while I’m wandering aimlessly through Sephora or any beauty aisle for the 20th time that month, I hear woman saying “I don’t know which one to get” while referring to foundation. I remember those days, walking around with foundation that was either 2 shades to dark or one shade too light. But not knowing how or why I couldn’t find a foundation to match my skin tone perfectly.

Choosing the right foundation color is a “MAJOR KEY”  in the makeup application process.In makeup department stores like MAC and Sephora finding the best foundation is easier because there’s artist in the store and they offer a variety of foundation choices and there’s testers so you can try out foundation until your hearts content. But what if you’re in your local drug store or beauty supply store where there’s none of those luxuries?

As a melanin beauty I struggled finding my shade at drug stores because besides the things I mentioned above there were only 4-5 shades for darker skin tones period compared to the 10 for lighter skin tones.


I had to learn first what my skin undertones were so that I would know which dark shade would complement me best.



Determining Your Skin’s Undertones

Skin undertones are the colors that come from underneath your skins surface to give you your color. Think! How some colors compliment you better than other do. How in certain colors like golds, olives, and browns it’s because your skin has more warm undertones. The colors work well with your skins undertone so they make you look more appealing. You can check for your skin undertones by looking at your veins. If they appear more green then your have warm undertones, if it’s more blue then you have cool undertones. If it’s both blue and green then you have neutral undertones.

Here are a few drugstore store brands that offer a variety of shades for melanin beauties. With your skins undertone in mind look at the shade range a pick your ideal shade. Remember the deeper the shades with some brands the more warmer the foundation will be. Go home and play around with the shade. Remember it’s trial and error there were a lot of times I purchased foundation brought it home to find that the color was way off. Don’t give up and keep those receipts just in case you have to return the foundation.









So do you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones, let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!




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