Hey loves!!!

It’s officially Summer!!

Summer has officially begun for me, I just returned home from a 2 day teacher training conference in Long Island. The week before I graded about 500 global history essays for the state exam. To say I’m ecstatic for summer vacation would be an understatement.

Summer’s one of my favorite seasons! Not only is school out I get to enjoy more free time with the boys and I have more time to focus on my other love…. MAKEUP.

Summertime affords me the opportunity to wake-up, and love makeup all day! I can watch endless hours of my favorite you-tubers, discover new bloggers and learn new tips, and tricks to continue working on my craft.

Beauty trends in the Summer consists of bright pops of colors for lips, cheeks, eyes major highlight, and bold liner. Summer 17 isn’t any different and I plan on rocking bright colors all summer long.


My clients and friends always ask me how can I stand wearing makeup in the summer “Trea it’s too hot to be wearing makeup in the summer” or laughing at the thought of women who are wearing makeup “Look at her, her face is melting..I don’t even know why she wearing makeup” I mean I get it, I used to think that way too before I fell all the way in love with makeup.

Makeup can be worn year round and look good even during those hot summer months, the most important thing to remember is “LESS IS MORE” During the hot summer months during the day I limit myself to just 6 makeup products and I’m done with my makeup in less than 10 minutes, unless I feel like being fancy and popping on some lashes then it’s more like 15 minutes. Here’s the 6 products I use:


Before I truly understood that makeup and skin care went hand in hand I didn’t see the point of using a primer. When I freelanced for MAC  it was one of the main makeup products the permanent artists pushed. They also taught me the importance of a primer and the benefits it provides for the skin. When I started incorporating the primer into my makeup routine I quickly saw the difference in my makeup application and I was sold.

I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw Neutrogena’s primer on a pin for oily skin. Not only is the product great as a primer for makeup application it’s also helped my skin clear up. Since I’ve been using this product I’ve noticed less breakouts and I’m not as oily. I haven’t stopped using this primer since. I’ve even added it to my makeup kit and been using it on my clients with oily skin.


FOUNDATION: LoReal True Match LUMI Foundation (C7-8)

When it comes to foundation in the summertime I try to stick to sheer to medium coverage foundations. But because my skin likes to do whatever it feels, sometimes I need more coverage. For the last couple of months I’ve been using True Match Lumi by LoReal . I love the lightweight glow that the foundation provides without making me look oily. Since I’ve been using it my skin looks smoother and my skin tone appears more even, even after I take the foundation off.

I also appreciated the fact that LoReal took time formulating this foundation. It’s been awhile since I found a drugstore foundation that didn’t look so orange or red when I applied it. It lives up to it’s name “Tru Match” for sure. I think the color range is one of the best things about the foundation because it’s definitely a struggle finding drugstore foundations that truly match my complexion. LoReal definitely has a winner here!

Powder: Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder (Deep)

Black Opal is one of my favorite drugstore products because it caters to women of color, and more specifically darker brown skin tones. This is one of my favorite products by Black Opal, I love the clean airbrushed finish it gives your skin. It also has little specks of shimmer which gives your skin a pretty subtle glow and for less than $10 at any drugstore it’s a yes in my book.


Mascara (Maybelline)

My boys and hubby have lashes to die for. So I’m always on the search for mascaras that can get me as close as possible to theirs (eyes roll). I mean I’m not jealous or anything I just firmly believe that it’s unfair for men to have longer lashes then women. I mean I love looking at them and their gorgeous but “cmon son”.  Maybelline is my favorite brand right now for mascaras’s. I used to be a MAC girl, so I’ve tried all of theirs and I’ve tried “It’s Real” by Benefit. I love Haute and Naughty by MAC and the Benefit mascara had my eyes tearing the entire time I wore it(somethings in the formula).

Maybelline however hasn’t disappointed yet.  In my opinion they have the best mascara’s out of all the drugstore brands. They also have so many different formulas to try from and their mascara is even available in waterproof formula which is definitely great for a beach day.


Bronzer: Milani

Bronzer in the summertime is definite must! Milani always delivers, in terms of offering very pretty blushes and bronzers for melanin beauties. I’ve been using this as a bronzer/highlighter and love the reflects gold in this bronzer I get tons of compliments when I wear this one, and it provides the perfect amount of glow. But you can always use more 😉

*Lip Gloss: NYX Lip Suede

My lip color pretty much depends on my mood but recently I’ve been loving a good nude. NYX lip suede in “Sandstorm “ has been a dream come true. Not only does the color go well with my skin tone, I also love the consistency of the lip suede it really does glide on like a dream, it smells nice and it lasts through eating and drinking which I do a lot of.

I also keep blotting sheets in my makeup bag to help keep the oil slick A.K.A. my skin under control. I just started using these actually and will do an updated product review on these real soon.


Check out my routine below!!

Primed Skin

Apply a quarter sized amount to each cheek, forehead, and chin blend out with stippling brush

Using a large fluffy brush apply powder to entire face

Using a blush/angle brush apply bronzer to apple of cheeks and brush back towards hairline


Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to make lashes pop 

Apply  liquid suede to lips


And just like that I’m ready to head out the door to enjoy summertime fun. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated just 10 minutes products you love and you’re done. In the comment section below I want to see your favorite makeup products for the summer, and how you keep you and your makeup cool during the summer months!

Finished Look! What you think? 


See you guys in my next post!!


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